Fabric Pictures - People

My fabric pictures are made with African fabrics and embellished with beads, ribbon, lace...

I work on foam board, a very light mount board.

The final product looks like a quilted picture, but this craft does not involve any stitching!

For all enquiries (prices, availability,...) please email me at: agnes@fridu.co.uk

Prices start from £18 for a miniature portrait.

Here are some examples of my designs but please note that every single picture is unique:

Four African Ladies £180 - Size including frame 56 cm x 46cm

                                                            Pretty ladies - £180 - Size including frame 56cm x 46cm

Woman carrying baby - £38 Size including frame 26 x 21 cm



African woman - £65 - Size including frame 43cm x 23cm


African Ladies- £38 Size including frame 16cm x 29cm


      Single person - £38 Size including frame 19cm x 31cm


Miniature portrait - £25 - Size including frame 20cm x 20cm


 3 African ladies - £85 -  Size including frame 44cm x 24cm


I am selling on ETSY : ETSY shop "AfricAgnes"

and on Afrikrea : AFRIKREA shop "AgnesCreations"

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 Contact email: agnes@fridu.co.uk